We are thrilled to present you with the 2017 Gem Gala Committee!

Casey Palmateer – Co-Chair

Lauren Bartlett – Co-Chair

Lindsey Bull – Logistics Vice-Chair

Ashley Whitby – Marketing & Public Relations Vice-Chair

Sarah Gideon – Sponsorship Vice-Chair

Amber Peckio Garrett – Sponsorship Vice-Chair

Joy Francis – Auction Vice-Chair

Madelyn Tackett

Becca Bonsall

Candace Clark

Aimee Hass

Devon Hill-Larson

Caitlin Martin

Shelby McCarter

Maria Mendell

Rania Nasreddine

Ashley Ohman

Camenae Patrick

Carol Puckett

Stacy Schauvliege

Meagan Tyler

Robyn Ward

Jessica Yoon