Resonance Center for Women

The Junior League of Tulsa, Inc., has a partnership with the Resonance Center for Women, an organization that supports the well-being and self-sufficiency of women and their families challenged by the criminal justice system and affected by substance abuse. Oklahoma is ranked #1 in the world, per capita, for the number of women in incarceration, and the majority of these convictions are related to substance abuse. Many women are referred to Resonance to participate in comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs in lieu of incarceration.  Resonance also provides services to women who are preparing to be released from incarceration and re-entering the Tulsa community.

We have two committees devoted to working with the women in the Resonance program, the Turley Residential Center Committee and the Social Venture Committee.

Last year, our Turley Residential Center Committee developed a four lesson curriculum, culminating in a graduation ceremony, for women preparing to be released from the Turley Residential Center participating in the Resonance “Choosing to Change” program.  Our curriculum focuses on developing social skills, learning healthy hobbies, and promoting self-esteem necessary for the women to successfully transition back into society.  Our members visit the women at the Turley Residential Center and educate, mentor, and provide enrichment opportunities utilizing the curriculum we have developed.

In 2013, we created a Social Venture Committee to research and develop a self-sustaining business as a means to provide job readiness skills and employment options for the women in the Resonance program.  While the Resonance Board of Directors is reviewing our proposal, we will be developing and implementing curriculum designed to ready women preparing to be released from the Turley Residential Center for the work-force.  We will provide lessons on interviewing for a job, customer service skills, and conflict management, along with mentorship and encouragement.