Sustainer Update: February 2017

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I love                    those

who can smile       in trouble, who

can   gather  strength   from   distress,

and grow  brave  by  reflection. ‘Tis the

business  of  little  minds  to  shrink,

but  they  whose  heart  is  firm,

and    whose    conscience

approves their conduct,

will   pursue  their

principles unto


~Leonardo da Vinci~


This is the month of LOVE.  Know that you are loved.  All the work you did for the Junior League of Tulsa has created a greater Tulsa.  Women are more empowered.  Children have more choices and opportunities.  Families have more possibilities.  Victims have more options.  The arts are more visible and appreciated.  The sick and infirmed are not forgotten.  As a volunteer, you gave these things to Tulsa.  You affirmed the needs and gave back to many.  Your work will not be forgotten nor will it end.  Our active membership will carry on our legacy.  The work will not stop.  Know that you are loved.

As Sustainers we have options now to watch the younger ladies develop and carry on the traditions of our values and visions, with some changes of course.  I am witnessing this as I spend the year with the leadership team.  They want to know the Sustainers and get them involved through the Sustainer Engagement Committee.  On this side of membership, we are less formal more involved in fun and have an open agenda – actually no agenda.  We have dinners and lunches out.  We read all kinds of books.  We even Catch up over Cocktails.  If you have a need, we will do what we can to help.  We are full of care and concern.  Parties are our specialty – at least twice a year.  Do you feel the love?

ReMember to pay your dues to help carry on the work and support of our Junior League while enjoying all the sustaining opportunities.


Ellen Fuller

2016-17 Sustainer Engagement Chair