Scholarship Spotlight: Stacy Hill

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Stacy Hill, recipient of the Junior League of Tulsa’s Mrs. W. Albert Cook Scholarship

Scholarship is an important part of the Junior League of Tulsa’s (JLT’s) work in the community. Each year, the Junior League hosts our Mentorship Luncheon—an occasion to honor the impact of mentorship and scholarship in developing exceptional women leaders.

The Mentorship Luncheon also marks an opportunity for the League to honor its annual scholarship recipients. We are proud to award two Founders’ Scholarships and two Mrs. W. Albert Cook Scholarships.

The Founders’ Scholarships go to graduating high school women who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to academics and volunteerism. The Mrs. W. Albert Cook Scholarships are awarded to nontraditional students—women returning to their studies after an absence or who are just beginning to pursue higher education—based primarily on financial need and a commitment to completing a degree.

Last year, Stacy Hill was awarded a Mrs. W. Albert Cook Scholarship to continue to pursue a degree in nursing at Tulsa Community College. Stacy has not been able to attend college full time due to various obstacles she has encountered over the years. In her application for the JLT scholarship, Stacy shared that not only is she a single mother to two children, but she also is the sole caretaker for her mother, who is intellectually disabled.

Stacy has not been able to graduate because she has had to work full time in order to provide for her daughters and mother. She says providing for her mother, children, and grandchildren is what inspires her to persevere toward her goal of a degree.

Although her family responsibilities are great, Stacy has found a way to excel in the workplace. One coworker who recommended Stacy for the scholarship wrote, “I hired Stacy in 2002 and was initially impressed with her steadfastness and calm, quiet spirit. After working with her for a while, her positive and caring attitude and her strong interpersonal skills really began to shine. Stacy will be an excellent nurse—the kind of nurse for which St. John Health System is known.”

After receiving the JLT scholarship last spring, Stacy has continued to attend school and work full time. She says, “The scholarship has made a huge impact in my life! Financially, it covered the whole semester, which usually I pay out of pocket. This has taken an immense burden off of my shoulders, and I have been able to focus more on my family.”