3 Free & Easy Ways to Donate to JLT

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With budgets tightening, every penny counts. As a result, sometimes our good intentions to give to the Junior League of Tulsa (JLT) and other nonprofits can take a backseat to new financial priorities. Fortunately, donating to JLT doesn’t always require you to spend some of your own cash. Check out these three often-missed opportunities to boost League contributions without spending any additional money.

1. Double your donation for free.

Did you know it’s sometimes possible to get free money for charitable donations through your employer? Many corporations will match employees’ donations up to 100 percent, which means double the impact.

If your company offers this, consider taking advantage of it since it’s a unique opportunity to make your donations go twice as far without spending twice as much. In the Tulsa area, Williams, WPX, and ONEOK, amongst others, offer varying levels of charitable donation matching.

To find out if your company participates, try searching your internal company website and looking for items with names like “corporate responsibility,” “volunteering,” or “community affairs.” You can also try entering your company’s name into Google with the word “Foundation” after it to see whether your company has its own charitable foundation. If nothing else, try contacting human resources to see if they can help you track down special charitable programs.

2. Utilize AmazonSmile.

If you make online purchases via Amazon.com, you could easily turn everyday purchases into no-cost contributions to JLT. Two years ago, Amazon introduced a program called AmazonSmile, which automatically donates 0.5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

It costs you and your selected charity nothing. It’s just like shopping on Amazon normally, but your charity benefits. The only real catch is you have to start your shopping at smile.amazon.com, but the shopping experience is exactly the same.

To set up your purchases to benefit JLT, all you have to do is go to smile.amazon.com and search for “Junior League of Tulsa” when selecting your charitable organization. Then, just shop like you normally would, and your purchase will benefit JLT. After you select JLT the first time, it should save your preference for future purchases on smile.amazon.com.

3. Contribute your credit card rewards and airline miles.

Do you have a credit card with rewards piling up and you’re not sure how you’re going to use them? Or do you have airline miles that are about to expire? Instead of letting them go to waste, make a difference and donate them.

Many credit card companies, such as Discover or MasterCard, make it easy to donate credit card reward points and miles to charity. If you’re uncertain about the options provided by your issuer, contact them about contributing your rewards.