Provisional Class

To the Provisional Class of 2018-19,

I am thrilled to welcome you into the Junior League of Tulsa (JLT)!
This is a wonderful organization built around amazing values that improves our community on a daily basis. JLT instills meaningful growth into each of its members through leadership, voluntarism, inclusion, and more.
Every single member of our organization has sat in your shoes at some point – and joined JLT for their own reason. For me, I moved back to Tulsa in 2015 to be closer to my family and found that I was lacking a mission for my community as well as meaningful friendships. I found these things and more by joining this organization: I’ve met my “lady gang” amongst the women I volunteer beside, I’ve developed incredible leadership skills through the opportunities of service in JLT, and I truly feel that I have impacted our community through the volunteer placements I’ve been able to serve on.
I encourage you to let JLT hone your strengths as a volunteer and then challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. Get to know your liaison, the women in your Provisional class, as well as the members within your committee placement. These women have the potential to become your lifelong friends. Open yourself up to challenges that will help you grow as a person – you are in a safe place to learn, to fail, and to succeed.
We know that your Provisional year can be overwhelming, but we want to thank you for giving your time, energy, and enthusiasm to JLT. New members are what keep our organization going strong and allow us to continue expanding our mission. You have joined a unique and inspiring group of women who choose to care about Tulsa, and want to give their best to the women and children who call Tulsa home.
On behalf of the entire Provisional Committee, welcome to the Junior League of Tulsa!
All my best,
Loree O’Sullivan
Provisional Chair 2018-19