Event Details

We were thrilled to welcome Shannon Miller, seven-time Olympic Medalist, as our luncheon speaker.  Shannon is the most decorated U.S. Olympic gymnast and is the second most decorated gymnast in American history. She was also the most successful American athlete at the 1992 Olympics, winning five medals. We were thrilled to welcome this Oklahoma native to provide inspiration to our scholarship recipients and Mentorship Luncheon attendees.

The Mentorship Luncheon marks an opportunity for the Junior League of Tulsa to honor its annual scholarship recipients. The League is proud to award two Founders’ Scholarships to graduating high school women who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to academics and voluntarism and two Mrs. W. Albert Cook Scholarships to non-traditional students—women returning to their studies after an absence, or just beginning their higher education—based primarily on financial need and a commitment to completing a degree. The proceeds from the luncheon will help us fund $10,000 towards our future scholarship program and support our mission of training and developing women leaders and highly effective Tulsa community volunteers.