Merchant Info & Application

Applications for the 2017 Holiday Market will be available soon!

We are so excited to welcome merchants of all kinds from across the country this year! Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and the Merchant Application link below!

Please email us at with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference in price between “exterior” and “interior” booths?

All booths are 10×10 so there is no difference in size, just location. Interior booths may get a little more foot traffic being that they are located in the middle of the market. Please see the attached map for a visual.

I don’t have a tax ID and the form has an asterisk by it. Is that a deal breaker?

No. Merchants without a tax ID can use their social security number.

Does JLT take a commission of sales? if so, how much is it?

JLT does not take any commissions of sales. The booth fee goes to JLT and helps support our community projects and training our volunteers.

Is there electricity to each booth?

Yes, electricity can be rented for $25. We recommend that you bring a 100’ power cord if renting electric.

Can I rent extra tables? What about extra badges?

You can rent additional tables and purchase additional badges for $10.

What’s the application deadline?

At this time there is no deadline but booths are first come first serve.

What are the payment details/due date?


Other info about set-up/tear-down:


Are food/drinks provided?

We cannot offer food or drink per the Expo Center. There will be concession stands open and available for food/drink purchases.

How many tickets were sold last year?


Do I need to have my own insurance?

Yes, legally JLT cannot supply insurance so each merchant is required to have their own insurance. If you don’t have it you can talk to your local agent to receive it.

If you need to purchase insurance, we recommend Act Insurance which offers Artist and Crafter’s insurance by the show or on an annual basis.  For more information, visit their website at

Is there an extra charge for merchants who sell food/drink products?

Yes. Food or drink merchants will be required to pay an additional fee of $300 per booth space.  The $300 fee is paid directly to the Expo Center.