#TBG: Spring 2004

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Throwback to 2004, with an interview of our JLT scholarship recipients — including one young woman who later became a JLT active. view larger    

Throwback Gusher: February 1988

Read an article from the February 1988 issue of gusher and learn all about the Junior League of Tulsa’s Victim/Witness Project! View Larger

Throwback Gusher: May 1958

Gusher goes back in time and reads this tongue-in-cheek letter from a frustrated Junior League husband

Throwback Gusher: Spring 2010

Throwback gusher, also known as #TBG, is a play on the ever-popular social media trend #TBT, or Throwback Thursday.  The idea behind Throwback Thursday is to resurrect old photos from one’s past for others’ enjoyment.  Our version, #TBG, will pay homage to old articles in past issues of gusher so that today you may see what was […]