Junior League of Tulsa

Laura Dester IMPACT

The Laura Dester IMPACT Committee provides volunteer support to the Laura Dester Children's Shelter, an emergency shelter for children removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.  The Shelter serves children ages newborn to 18 years, providing a safe, nurturing environment until the child can return home or a permanent placement can be found.  Committee members plan and implement "Done in a Day" projects, holiday parties and activities with direction from the shelter staff.  More so, members provide interaction, support, love and a much needed distraction for children who desperately need it.

Former Laura Dester Impact committee members and Laura Dester Shelter Volunteer Coordinator Forrest Carpenter.

For history and background information on JLT’s volunteer efforts at the Laura Dester Shelter. View pages 10-12 of the Summer 2010 issue of Gusher.

Learn more about JLT’s contribution to the building of the new shelter. View pages 16-17 of the Winter 2010 issue of Gusher.


  • Some of Laura Dester IMPACT Committee members visit the construction site: Mary Catherine Ward, Christy Gilliam, Amanda Chalmers, Kim Eshelman, and Chair, Mary Anne Thoman.

Among the thousands of tiny things
growing up all over the land,
some of them under my very wing –
watched and tended, unwatched and
untended, loved, unloved, protected
from danger, thrust into temptation –
among them somewhere is the child
who will write the novel that will
stir men’s hearts to nobler issues
and incite them to better deeds.
There is the child who will paint
the greatest picture or carve the greatest
statue of the age; another who will
deliver his country in an hour of peril;
another who will give his life for
a great principle; and another, born
more of the spirit than of the flesh,
who will live continually on the
heights of moral being, and
dying, draw men after him.
It may be that I shall preserve
one of these children to the race.
It is a peg big enough on which
to hang a hope, for every child
born into the world is a new
incarnate thought of God, an ever
fresh and radiant possibility.

Kate Douglas Wiggin